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The Global Airport Benchmarking Report is now available. To order a copy of the report, click here.

Membership with the Air Transport Research Society

The Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) is a non-profit organization with membership spanning the globe. Through the nominal membership fees and the corporate sponsorships, the ATRS will continue its efforts to provide networking opportunities among air transport researchers from established institutions all over the world, senior policy makers from various government organizations and think-tanks, and seasoned experts from the aviation industry ranging from airports, airlines, aerospace manufacturers and aviation consulting services.

The ATRS offers two types of Memberships:

Corporate membership

Corporate membership payment pageclickhere

Individual membership

Benefits for Corporate Gold Membership:

  • Bechmarking Report - Electronic and hard copies of most recent report included in membership.
  • Annual Memberships - 10 Annual Memberships.
  • World Conference - 5 World Conference Admissions.*
  • World Conference Program - Prminent Corporate Recognition on Program as a Gold Corporate Member.
  • ATRS Website - Prominent recognition as a Gold Corporate Member.

Benefits for Corporate Membership:

  • Bechmarking Report - Corporate members can get 50% off Purchase Price of most recent report.

  • Annual Memberships- 4 Annual Memberships at annual cost  US $1,000.

  • World Conference - 2 World Conference Admissions.*

  • ATRS Website - Recognition as a Corporate Member.
  • World Conference Program - Corprate Recognition on Program.

     * Terms and conditions apply.

Benefits of Individual Membership:

  • Access to all papers published in conference proceedings.

  • Networking opportunities with some 500 research members worldwide.

  • Voting rights at the ATRS General Assembly, normally held during the annual World Conference.

  • Right to submit papers presented at the World Conference to ATRS special issue journals.

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